Residential And Commercial Guardrail Installation

Fences are great for creating barriers that serve both to enhance the aesthetics and security of your property. However, they aren’t intended to be a structural element for safety. This is where guardrails are used. Whether it’s for a parking lot or structure, or walkways , guardrail installation is necessary to maintain safety of the intended location and use.

When it comes to guardrail installation, you want to be sure that you hire a company that has the experience and understanding of how to engineer a functional guardrail system. At Fence Goals, we have designed and installed many guardrails to meet the criteria needed to perform as they were intended and we understand the process from start to finish. The guardrail design first starts with determining the function of the guardrail and then engineering it to withstand whatever forces are necessary. This can vary from the weight of a full grown person all the way up to a full size vehicle, so careful considerations must be taken into account.

Securely anchoring the posts into the ground is critical to ensure they are up to the task. Once the vertical posts are in place a top rail, and depending on the height a mid rail may also be required. The type of and quality of materials will also play a role in the structural integrity of the guardrail. This can range from pressure treated lumber to galvanized steel. Either way, our guardrail installation is intended to have a long service life without worrying about materials degrading and therefore a potential safety hazard.

Just because the main focus of guardrail installation is functional, that does not mean they can’t be visually pleasing as well. Fence Goals LLC has the knowledge and experience to construct a functional element that fits within your existing landscape. Let us show you how you can achieve security without sacrificing the look of your space. Call today for a free guardrail installation estimate.

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Guardrail System To Meet Local Requirements

Guardrails are often used for both style and safety. The intended purpose will determine the guardrail requirements to ensure they will function properly and meet certain standards. These include the overall height of the rail, depth of the posts and materials to be used. Because of these guardrail requirements, you shouldn’t just hire any company to build a guardrail. You can trust that Fence Goals LLC will design and install a guardrail to meet your needs and these standards.

For parking lots and driveways, often referred to as vehicle barriers, a guardrail needs to be installed anytime there is a change in height of the road surface greater than one foot. Guardrails also need to be installed at a certain minimum height. These must be securely anchored into the ground to absorb the force of impact from a vehicle. When used for a platform or work area, they need to maintain a minimum height of 42 inches above the walking-working surface and be able to withstand a downward or outward force of 200 lbs.

Fence Goals LLC has the experience and understanding of both the design and guardrail installation so these barriers look and perform their best. Let us enhance the look of your property while also maintaining the safety and security. A fence is good for privacy and security, but they aren’t suited for all situations. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate and we’ll come out and access your location to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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